The slot machine is where players can have a chance to get Zollars, Energy, Explosives and rarely gold after getting the picture symbols in a row.


Slot machine interface


Slot Machine at the HQ

Win/Lose RatiosEdit

The slot machine is absolutely unforgiving even if players are able to waste hundreds of Zollars for a single item or possibly a refund in Zollars or energy. Players that have a short temper should avoid playing the slot machine if they wish to keep playing the actual game.

Zollars: 40%

Gun Turret: 20%

Grenade: 20%

Rocket Turret:10%

Energy: 8%

Gold: 2% (Extremely Rare)


  • A task will label the slot machine as the "Fruit machine" since it's a fruit themed slot machine.
  • The Slot machine will occasionally laugh at the player for losing.

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